SOKO BUSINESS HUB begins the process by understanding the issues and what needs to be undertaken, setting how we plan to assist and the projected benefits, in a clear and concise document. Most of our work is undertaken on a fixed price basis. Once this has been agreed together then we roll up our sleeves and assist you and your team to achieve lasting change, meeting or exceeding the strategic aims and objectives set out, and leaving you and your team skilled to continue the good improvements.

Our slogan of “Making Strategy Happen” is in fact a client quote itself which we felt summed us up quite well.

Our Management – also known as implemented consulting, delegated consulting or solvency management, is an approach designed to help trustees meet their funding objectives by supporting efficient investment decisions and providing timely, expert implementation techniques.

In our  Management model, funding level is constantly kept in view through regular monitoring and reporting, so when opportunities arise, you are equipped to move in line with the pre-defined goals of the scheme.

This provides a service that aims to deliver:
• The pace and agility to execute timely asset allocation decisions
• The time and freedom for trustees to focus on strategic issues
• Transparent pricing and potential cost savings.